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My website is full with cordless power tool reviews to help you decide on the best cordless power tools available today. Over the last few years there has been huge advances made in cordless tools. Lithium-ion batteries and brushless motor technology are giving more power and a longer run time.

Today a lot of cordless tools have power equal to electric or engine powered tools. Without the need for plugs, wires or extension cables. No need to be mixing oil and fuel or dealing with problems like blocked carburetor and the engine not starting when you really need it to.

A lot will depend on the type of work that you are doing if you only want to do some light work around the house a less powerful tool will do. If you want to do more work get something with higher battery voltage or more torque.

If you plan on working for long periods at a time it would be worth your while getting higher (AH) amp hour batteries or even a few spare ones. Also consider getting the same brand of tools if you are buying different types. You can then enter change batteries between tools or have a spare charging to prolong your working time.

Another thing to consider with hedge trimmers is the tooth gap. The larger the gap the bigger size branch it will cut and a higher voltage will generally have more power for cutting through larger hedges.

Look through the menu of pages for the best tools on the market and decide which best suits your needs.

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