POWERWORKS 60V Brushless 16-inch Chainsaw

My Rating 9/10

The Powerworks chainsaw with 60V Rechargeable Lithium-ION battery with charger. Out of the box, it doesn’t take long to get a full charge. It cuts down trees and branch’s without really make a dent in the battery. I used one full bar of a total of four bars. I used it 45 minutes to an hour there is still about 80% of a charge left on it. The Chainsaw came with a factory sharp blade it cut up the trees pretty fast

If you want an impressively forceful saw for short tasks that can’t stretch out all day long, this saw is a real jewel. Get extra batteries, so you have a charged spare on hand to stretch cutting tasks. I suspect they are pretty pricey but something well worth considering.

If you want a powerful chainsaw for medium to heavy jobs without the hassle of gas this is the one to go for as this is a game changer for cordless saws. Are the gas saws days are numbered (MAYBE).

Makita XCU03PT1 18V X2 (36V) LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless 14″ Chain Saw

My Rating 9/10

The Makita Cordless Chainsaw reviews on amazon make it one of the best in its class . A high quality, strong performer, smartly designed, solid, tool. Performance is great, easy to clean and adjust chain, and bar oil filling was also easy, battery power source duration of use is good for batteries. Cordless does not make it a weak or gimmicky tool it makes it extremely maneuverable with a solid power system. With 36v of power Makita claim it has efficiency Equivalent to a 32cc gas chain saw. The Makita for quality, is a top class tool price and performance.

Great tool to keep in your truck for clearing debris and fallen limbs. Good for 10-20 minute chunks of work. Double if you have extra battery set. If you do chainsaw work for hours on end it’s not for you. For the other 80% this thing is enough of what you need with a lot less hassle. Also when cutting logs just keep the trigger/throttle fully depressed to maximize torque. Let the weight of the saw do the cutting with minimal downwards pressure. A safety button feature can take some getting used to for people used to gas chainsaws because they’re used to idling the chainsaw and the chainsaw being more than loud enough to tell you it’s ready to go.

Electric chainsaws don’t have any noise to tell you it’s live so you have to hit the button to make it live. If you work with gas chainsaws every day for decades, it probably is annoying as it’s very different. If not, it’s not a big deal and certainly not a dangerous” safety feature. For a normal person that used a gas chainsaw regularly but not daily, it’ll take you a bit of time to get used to it.

EGO Power+ CS1400 14-Inch 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Chainsaw

My Rating 8/10

The ego battery chainsaw is easy to control and much safer to use than a gas saw because it turns off between cuts. The chain can be replaced and tensioned manually without tools. I highly recommend this for cutting up firewood and other occasional backyard uses. It is well designed and is super easy to open up and clean. Taking the chain on and off is super simple. It is portable like gas powered chain saws, without the chore of starting one up and maintaining the gas/oil.At 56v it also has plenty of power.

As with all EGO 56V batteries, the charging station comes with a built in cooling fan, and the battery charges within 30 minutes. The push button on the battery to find out the state of the battery is nice, but really is only useful to tell you that the battery is getting low when the light indicator changes to red.

BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 20V Max Lithium Ion Chainsaw,

My Rating 9/10

The black and decker 20v chainsaw is a great saw around the garden having owned a 36v version of the same saw a few years and being highly impressed by it. I can highly recommend this saw. It cuts through wood like butter and got through an impressive amount of work. The only thing I would ask is why they cut it down to 20v . I would have thought more volts = more power.

I wouldn’t let that put you off. It has over 1000 reviews on Amazon giving it an average of 4.2 stars out of 5. I would recommend getting the 3AH battery to have some extra time cutting. It was a very good saw for a very good price.

Worx WG322 20V Cordless Chainsaw

My Rating 8/10

The work cordless chainsaws are light weight and easy to maneuver & nothing beats the electronic batteries! Each battery lasts around 30 minutes of intense nonstop cutting but I highly recommend buying 2 batteries or the WORX Chainsaw that already comes with 2 batteries. It’s easy to put the chain on & it’s also easy to adjust it. The first couple of times you need to tighten the chain after a few cuts because it loosens up which is normal , but it’s super easy to tighten it with a turn of the knob. And I like the fact that you can take the batteries off when you start fooling around with the chain. It’s an extra safety precaution . You need to buy bar chain oil & I would recommend buying an extra chain or two.

Compare to a gas chainsaw it’s quick and convenient. Of course you wouldn’t expect it to compete with a gas powered saw but it works well for cutting limbs off trees and could probably cut a ten or twelve inch diameter tree you would need to recharge the battery often for big jobs though. Over all it is a great little saw for light to medium work.

Oregon Cordless 16-inch Self-Sharpening Chainsaw

My Rating 9/10

This Oregon battery powered chainsaw is well put together. There are many 40 volt chainsaws on the market, but this is the only one that sharpens the chain while still assembled. That feature alone makes this saw worth buying. The brushless motor has noticeably more torque than the previous model. Easy to handle, light, efficient, a long enough bar to cut some significant diameters. 

I loved the ease with which this chainsaw can be cleaned without any tools, to include in the field while on the job. The instructional videos makes assembly, cleaning, and maintenance a  simple job. There are two models of this make sure you get the 300. The 300 has a brushless motor (more torque than the 250 with brushes. Also buy an extra battery 4 or 6 amp so you can stay cutting for longer without recharging.

Greenworks 12-Inch 40V Cordless Chainsaw,

My Rating 8/10

The greenworks 40 volt chainsaw comes in at a good price and has plenty of power for cutting trees. The battery should last for at least an hour however I do recommend for anyone not cutting whole big trees down full time. It is great for quick trim jobs that you have to do every year without having to break out the bigger heavier Husqvarna. It has enough weight to make it stable to use but not so heavy so its easy handle it. The chain is easy change or tighten up using tightening mechanism. So…overall I would recommend this to anyone for an all-purpose backyard type saw.