Worx WG322 20V Cordless Chainsaw

My Rating 8/10

The work cordless chainsaws are light weight and easy to maneuver & nothing beats the electronic batteries! Each battery lasts around 30 minutes of intense nonstop cutting but I highly recommend buying 2 batteries or the WORX Chainsaw that already comes with 2 batteries. It’s easy to put the chain on & it’s also easy to adjust it. The first couple of times you need to tighten the chain after a few cuts because it loosens up which is normal , but it’s super easy to tighten it with a turn of the knob. And I like the fact that you can take the batteries off when you start fooling around with the chain. It’s an extra safety precaution . You need to buy bar chain oil & I would recommend buying an extra chain or two.

Compare to a gas chainsaw it’s quick and convenient. Of course you wouldn’t expect it to compete with a gas powered saw but it works well for cutting limbs off trees and could probably cut a ten or twelve inch diameter tree you would need to recharge the battery often for big jobs though. Over all it is a great little saw for light to medium work.