POWERWORKS 60V Brushless 16-inch Chainsaw

My Rating 9/10

The Powerworks chainsaw with 60V Rechargeable Lithium-ION battery with charger. Out of the box, it doesn’t take long to get a full charge. It cuts down trees and branch’s without really make a dent in the battery. I used one full bar of a total of four bars. I used it 45 minutes to an hour there is still about 80% of a charge left on it. The Chainsaw came with a factory sharp blade it cut up the trees pretty fast

If you want an impressively forceful saw for short tasks that can’t stretch out all day long, this saw is a real jewel. Get extra batteries, so you have a charged spare on hand to stretch cutting tasks. I suspect they are pretty pricey but something well worth considering.

If you want a powerful chainsaw for medium to heavy jobs without the hassle of gas this is the one to go for as this is a game changer for cordless saws. Are the gas saws days are numbered (MAYBE).